Sunday, 24 July 2011

A Week of Firsts

Wow.  What a week.  I am posting this in place of my usual Joy Pockets as this week has been on of 'First' for the Cub.  There has been a lot of new experiences for us and the baby which, naturally, brings me a lot of joy.  There is a lot of focus from health professionals on milestones like sleeping through the night and how much he is eating.  I think this week has seen some important milestones - just not the medical ones.  So, here for posterity are the firsts for this week.

His first:

  • Smile!  It lit up his eyes and made him look sooo adorable and cheeky.  
  • Trip to his grandparents (my parents) house.  This in itself created several 'first's.
  • Trip in his pushchair.  We are mostly using baby slings to get around town with but this trip we decided to use the pushchair as it is a fairly long walk to my parents house for me and I couldnt carry him that far.
  • Trip out without mummy or daddy.  My parents took the baby for a walk to give us a break (I love my parents).  Sure, I spent nearly the whole time he was out thinking about him but I still got some time to be with my hubby alone for the first time since Cub was born.
  • Train journey.  He slept the whole way!  He was awake when we boarded and the motion sent him right to asleep.  Now, if I only install a train in the house to send him to sleep all the time.
  • Nappy in a larger size.  Cub has now busted out of Size 1 nappies.  He weighed in at 10lb 14oz on Wednesday.  We switched him into the next size up after the mother of all poo explosions.  It was truly impressive how much could come from someone so small.

Also while at his grandparents, we followed up on a family tradition - Granny bathed him is the sink!  He seemed to enjoy it.

Well mostly, anyway. 

This coming week will be some more firsts.  Some good, some not so good.  We have his first set of immunisations.  We have discussed the whole case of immunisations and will be giving him the basic immunisations, however the more controversial immunisations will be missed.  My family has a bad history will some immunisations so they will be avoided.

Also this week, I am planning on switching Cub from disposable nappies to cloth nappies.  We have them all ready, its just a case of putting the disposables down.  We are going to use up nearly all the disposables and then switch.  We have a couple of different types to use so we will see which we like the best as time goes on.  Wish us luck! :)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The kitchen sink bathtub experience was a staple in my family too! I love how delighted his Granny looks!

Anonymous said...

His Dad was a bathed in the sink cub and also a bathed in Granny's sink as well. Seems to run in the family

Sgnr.Perceval said...

Wow I thought the sink bath was just our family hahaha, suddenly I feel normal!! Don't worry, it'll pass :D

Good call on the cloth nappies. Will you be keeping some disposables by though, for the travel bag?

I want to see the smile!!! :)

Kitty said...

We will have a few disposables for emergencies. We have a system for being out and about but I will probably keep at least one in the changing bag cos I like to keep my options open :)

Sgnr.Perceval said...

Oh aye? I love your systems, they're always ingenious! What's this one for going out then? *curious*

P. L. Wood said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my, what a special moment of cubikins in the sink. Sooooooo cute. Beautiful photo and one that melts the heart specially as I know we too were bathed in that very sink (so too were cousin cubs). Super blog. I think I've subscribed to your feed but not sure how everything works. Catcha later alligator :) Amythyst Mystic xxx