Things My Baby is Teaching Me

  • Happiness is in the small details - a clean nappy; a quiet cup of tea; an old lady smiling adoringly at my baby.

  • How to live in the present - I think we fall into the trap of looking ahead (when will he sleep through the night) or behind us (this was so much easier yesterday) and we lose what is happening right now (Cub held his head up on his own on Wednesday!!!).

  • It is possible to do no end of things one-handed - eating, typing, dressing...

  • Planning makes for greater flexibility - a properly prepared changing bag makes a big difference.

  • Adaptability is key! - Before the Cub was born I had ideas about what I wanted to do as a parent including breastfeeding and not using dummies.  I have changed my mind on many things in response to Cub's needs and I actually think I am a better parent for it.  See my post When Bottle Feeding is Baby-led Parenting for more on that.