Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wait... HOW long is it til Yule?

Crikey, I lost a month and I cant even blame NaNoWriMo!  On the plus side, I did get some 'things' done.  Just don't ask me what.  Seriously, what did I do?

Anyhoo.... the Cub is growing up so fast.  He's started Baby Led Weaning and so far has had some nice healthy veggies and some potato and some not so healthy ice-cream that he pinched of his Granny.
'Scuse the mess, it was a hectic kinda day.  Just like lots of other days I have been experiencing.  Mum's face was a picture.  She was eating her ice-cream lolly and the Cub just reached out and nabbed it.  Now no food is safe!

I ventured back into the work environment with my old work's brand relaunch.  It felt very odd.  There were all these people that I knew but, frankly, other than having spent days of the my life working alongside them I really didn't feel a connection to them.  I just felt like a two-dimensional copy of myself.  These people who I worked with actually know very little about me.  Having spent so much time isolated away from them for various reasons (mostly location), I really didn't feel a part of the company at all.  It brought home to me that I really don't want to go back to work there.  They are a great company but I really never quite fitted in.  So, that gives me food for thought.

Oh and I'm actually managing to eke out time to write.  Its not a lot (do greeting card verses count?) but its something and I feel much better for it.  I think I may have a plan for my Oath making at my friend's Jol celebration.  Its all starting to come together.  Another fabulous thing is that I found a rather lovely journal to write in and my mum (see above losing ice-cream to small child) bought it for me.  It's remarkable how much a new journal makes me happy.  I can't wait to write in it!