Thursday, 2 June 2011

To Blog or Not To Blog?

I've been debating whether to blog again after Google ate my last blog.  I was having trouble finding the impetus to blog with all the exciting and involved things happening in my life at the time.  However, the last few days I have discovered something.  I need to write.

Blog entries were writing themselves in my head.  Ideas started popping up and the urge to write about them came back.  I need to take these ideas and put them down.  I maintained my old blog for 4 years before it met it's untimely demise.  I love the act of writing, of finding the words as they appear on the screen in front of me.  For the past six or so months the creativity that drives me has been somewhat distracted with other projects, including pregnancy, and I have missed writing.  The ideas just haven't been there.  Maybe I could have pulled something out the ether but I frankly didn't have the energy to spare to plug at it the way it would need.  So I gave myself permission to take a break.

I needed a break.  It's as simple as that.  I needed to take time to myself and to relax, to recoup my energy.  Now, I am a week away from giving birth (if the hospital is correct with my due date, but that's another story) and I have the urge to write again.  I have no idea where this blog will go and where the journey will lead me but that is ok.  I will no doubt burble on about my baby, my beliefs and my writing here but I am giving myself permission to relax and just see what turns up.  In my previous blog I felt I should showcase my writing and writing deep, meaningful entries and I think that contributed to my losing the urge to write.  It became a chore and not a joy.  Now, the joy has returned and I want to keep it going.

Here's to the journey!


Sgnr.Perceval said...

I know that feeling, the same thing happened to me, writing myself into a corner, typecasting myself through the blog so I felt restricted by the image I'd built of myself and expectations I built in the "readers". You're right to take time out for yourself, just don't forget to keep doing that when baby's here :)