Friday, 3 June 2011

Don't Forget to Breathe

I'm not very good at waiting.  Patience is something I have to work at in many aspects of my life.  In some areas I have apparently infinite patience - most notably when people need my help - but in others, let's just say I want it and I want it NOW!

Right now, I want my baby here NOW and I want my kitchen and bathroom NOW.  I would prefer the kitchen and bathroom to be finished first but Im not sure if I will get my wish.

Ok... Here is the story.

I live in a rented flat.  I am now a whole week away from my due date.  Three weeks ago (meaning I was 36 weeks pregnant) we were informed that the landlord would be refitting our kitchen.  Fine, we thought.  Great!  We need a new kitchen.  Ours is/was looking a bit, well, crappy.  We figured yes it would be complicated with a new baby in the home but we would be fine as by then junior would be a couple months old.  Then we got the news... They were starting the refit the following week! And! We would be getting a new bathroom as well.  Cue a slightly (read: mildly hysterical, hormonal, pregnant woman) stressed out me.

My nesting instincts kicked in at about, oh, 24weeks.  Everything had to be in the right place. EVERYTHING.  I had a schedule for making sure this happened.  I had it all worked out when we would have the nursery finished, when we would rearrange the bedroom to make sure we could fit in a moses basket for the first few months and when we would make sure the living room was baby friendly.  It was a little mental to be honest but I felt happier with my list of things to do and my schedule of when it should be done.

Oh my do the Gods laugh when people make plans!

I had just started to get things just right when my living room had to stand in as a kitchen.  My nursery became the only place to put the bathroom things and the bedroom had to hold the hall furniture so that the builders could easily access everything.  I dealt with it the only way I could... I went to bed.  I admit it.  I pulled the covers over my head and, frankly, lost it.

Now, here I sit, waiting.  Waiting to get my home back.  Waiting for my baby to appear.  And just a little... fed up.  However, I am actually learning patience.  I am learning to live with the mess.  I'm trying to find the lesson in all this, maybe even enjoy it.  Until then... where is my bed? ;)


Monica said...

oh, plans, phst! lol

we were in rented until she was a year old. i didn't nest until then. and not pleasant at all, as we had a LOT of mould in our last place.

you gotta roll with the punches. i figured - healthy baby, that's all that matters. became a mantra.

wishing you all the best!

and happy return to blogging too.

Sgnr.Perceval said...

Blimey, brings it all back - I was once in a not dissimilar situation and I lost it a bit too! Took a few years for me to find it again, as it were, but it seems like your prospects on that front are somewhat better, cos you sound perfectly sane here!

Hope it all comes together for you. Waiting sucks monkeys, man, and chaos and not having control over your own home is ...from the heart I sympathise!

BUT it will be over and tho it won't seem "soon", cos time will drag and drag, it WILL be soon, and things will be looking up.